GTA04 in Neo Freerunner case

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Truly free (as in freedom) mobile device.
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GTA04 comes with great diversity of available operating systems. Want to use QtMoko? SHR? Debian? No problem, switch them in few minutes! Maybe you're interested in porting Android, Ubuntu or Firefox OS? Writing your own system? You're more than welcome!


There's no other mobile phone available with such degree of openness like GTA04 has. No binary blobs are needed to make it usable. Also, full documentation and schematics can take tinkering with your phone to the next level. Why limit yourself to the software?


Tired of big vendors dropping support for their old devices when new model becomes available? GTA04 is an community-based project, and OpenPhoenux comes from experienced Openmoko background. You can expect new updates even years after release.

Create cool stuff. Without limits.

Have you ever got some amazing idea for your smartphone and started to implement it just to get stopped by vendor limitations?

Now it's thing of the past. Forget about uncomplete, paid SDKs created to make money from application stores. GTA04 is like a personal computer within your pocket. You own it. You decide what to do with it. No jailbreaking needed.

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Openmoko user? It's not over.

GTA04 has been made as a drop-in replacement for Neo1973 and Neo Freerunner motherboards. If you already own one of them, bring new life into it!

Don't own one? No problem! You can either buy complete phone kit with refurbished Neo Freerunner case or... 3D print one for yourself!

Made with proper care. For everyone.

Ethics of software usage are not enough for us. GTA04 is manufactured in Bavaria, Germany with good working conditions.

We're strongly against worker abuse as seen in some countries. We won't lower production costs by exploitation of children. It's against our mission.

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Yes, it's not an ├╝berphone. So what?

We know it's not the fastest phone available. But we have something that we believe can bring much more value - freedom.

In order to ensure true openness, we had to make some compromises. Regardless of that, we are truly confident that GTA04 is fast enough to serve as a great smartphone. If you are a software hacker, lots of cool sensors and unique features will surely fill your head with awesome ideas!

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