The Game Jam Game About Games, Secrets and Stuff

A point-and-click adventure game made in 48 hours on Poznań Game Jam 2015.

Tremendous Update!

A refreshed, polished version of this game called The Secret of Tremendous Corporation is available now, check it out!

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In the near future, thanks to unhealthily understood copyright and patent laws creeping in everywhere they could, all of the gaming industry became controlled by one corporation, producing low quality but highly profitable casual freemium games and ceasing development of any other more ambitious genres.

Assist young Max Burton, a mighty gamedev wannabe and an enthusiastic fresh intern on his first day at his first job in the only gamedev company out there in this little point-and-click adventure game. Explore the deepest SECRETs™ of the company. Find out what happened to indie devs and check what do they do now!

Made with SLUDGE.
Works on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.

Installation Instructions:

Windows users: unpack zip file and run GJGAGSAS.exe

GNU/Linux and Mac OS X users: install SLUDGE and run "sludge-engine gamedata.slg" after unpacking the zip file.

(we don't have Mac OS X computer so we don't know how user friendly this way of launching is there; you can try these instructions as well)

In case of problems, try running it in fullscreen (-f in command line).
There might be some issues with window sizes smaller than 1366x768 :(


Use the mouse. Clicking on some place makes the hero go there. When you hover on selectable item, the label appears on the bottom of the screen. Clicking on some object shows you the verbcoin, where you can select interacting or looking at the object. Right mouse button skips dialog line.

To use some item from inventory with some item on stage, open the inventory (by either clicking "inventory" icon, choosing it from verbcoin or pressing "i" on keyboard), click on the inventory item, close the inventory by clicking somewhere in the background and then select the item on stage. You can also use items in inventory with other items there.

Press 's' to save the game, press 'l' to load the game. If you exit with ESCAPE button, the game is autosaved and you can load the autosave by pressing 'a' button. NOTE: if you exit by closing the window, the game is not autosaved!

Team members:

This game uses these sounds from freesound:

The game is available on CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

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